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About Tamar Yoseloff

Tammy-books-P1060089-800Tamar Yoseloff has published several collections of poetry, the most recent of which is The City with Horns (Salt, 2011). She is the author of two collaborative editions with artist Linda Karshan and editor of A Room to Live In: A Kettle’s Yard Anthology (Salt, 2007). She lives in London, where she works as a tutor in creative writing.

Find Tamar Yoseloff online:
Twitter: @TamarYoseloff – poetry and chat
Website: www.tamaryoseloff.com – professional information
Blog: Invective Against Swans – poetry and art
Facebook: facebook.com/tamar.yoseloff – a community of writers
Youtube: Tamar Yoseloff channel – performance and exhibition videos

To contact Tamar Yoseloff:
Leave a message on any of the sites above, or email:
tamar [at] herculeseditions [dot] com

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