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About the field notes

A display of objects, texts and photos from a trip around London revisiting Formerly’s 14 locations. 

Field trip map

• All the locations featured in Formerly were photographed in London between 2001 and 2010, mainly in the early part of the decade. In 2012, the book’s authors revisited each spot to see how it had changed. While Tamar Yoseloff wrote texts on her impressions, Vici MacDonald re-photographed the area, and together the pair selected representative objects found in situ. For the Formerly exhibition at the Southbank Centre’s Saison Poetry Library, these “field notes” were arranged in display cases in the order of travel, along with a map of the route. The following posts reproduce these field notes, with a map showing the position of each stop on the journey, Tamar Yoseloff’s accompanying texts, and Vici MacDonald’s photos of the site’s surroundings and exhibition display.
• Read all the field notes here.
• See a video of the exhibition here.

Below: “Formerly” field notes exhibited at the Saison Poetry Library, Royal Festival Hall.