Field Notes

Note 13: Formerly

Location: 67 Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, London E1

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In 2006

• For once Vici and I don’t look out of place with our camera and notebook; everyone in Redchurch Street is on a photo shoot. Everyone is wearing a trilby. Every doorway is covered in meaningful and carefully-painted graffiti. Where a billboard used to stand, someone has written: Insert 278pt Helvetica here. It’s the sort of place where they get obscure typographic jokes. There are pop-up galleries, jewellers, high-end tattooists, coffee shops. “Even the rubbish is healthy,” Vici says, picking up an orange peel and dropping in into her evidence bag. We find Formerly next to a new street sign, under a satellite dish. There is nothing ‘former’ about this neighbourhood, it is having its moment. But the building the sign is on is still reassuringly tatty. A crew of beautiful French guys, the next ready-made boy band, walk past us towards Shoreditch High Street.
• Words Tamar Yoseloff / Photos Vici MacDonald

Below: Formerly’s road has truly up and come. Bottom: exhibition display of field notes.

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