Field Notes

Note 14: Duk of gton

Location: Brune Street (back of 12 Toynbee Street), Spitalfields, London E1

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In 2010

In 2010

• Vici and I stand outside contemplating the current arrangement of letters. The Duk has lost its ‘g’ and ‘t’ in the past couple of years. We make a brief and ridiculously hopeful search of the council estate parking lot to see if the letters might still be around. We enter the public bar (the only women in the place, apart from the barmaids) to be met with an overpowering smell of mothballs; Vici thinks it might be industrial toilet cleaner. There are three large screens: one tuned to the Horror Channel, one to Sky Sports, and one to ITV4, which is showing The Professionals. The subtitles are on: I didn’t come into this mob to use dumdum. The guys at the bar are Cockney, Irish, Polish. They stand huddled in small groups with their pints. A poster on the wall says Back to the 80s. A woman screams on the Horror Channel, a stone’s throw from the Jack the Ripper tour. Someone on The Professionals says: “And you’re a long time dead”.
• Words Tamar Yoseloff / Photos Vici MacDonald

Below: Journey’s end at the Duk of on (formerly Duk of gton). Bottom: exhibition display of field notes.

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