Field Notes

Note 3: Quickie Heel Bar

Location: now House of Fashion and Mobile Accessories, 198 Southwark Park Road, Bermondsey, London SE16

Quickie Heel Bar field trip map

In 2002

In 2002

• The Quickie Heel Bar has been replaced by the House of Fashion and Mobile Accessories, so jam-packed, goods spill onto the pavement (including two posters of a Breakfast at Tiffany’s-era Audrey Hepburn, model for ‘fashion’ rather than ‘mobile accessories’). Vici and I decide we’ll each make a £1 purchase – our items must represent the ethos of the shop. The proprietor asks if he can help us. We shake our heads, overwhelmed by luggage, pet accessories, shopping totes, jewellery, rugs. Not much for £1. I reject a package of flower decal fashion nails at £1.99. Vici likes the skull handbag, but it’s a whopping £12. We are in the shop for so long, the proprietor offers us a cup of tea. A guy comes in for a Samsung phone charger, “a cheap one, mate”. Later we see him across the street, outside Captain Pawn. I choose a 99p package of fuchsia plastic diamonds misleadingly labelled as glass marbles. The warning reads: Chocking Hazard. Vici buys a £1 White international calling card. As we leave, a Polo drives by sporting a St George’s flag. Millwall are at home today.
• Words Tamar Yoseloff / Photos Vici MacDonald

Below: bargains, betting and football fans. Bottom: exhibition display of field notes.

Quickie Heel Bar field notes display