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About the banners

Formerly is exhibited on scroll-like banners to echo its transient subject matter and fit a variety of spaces


The Formerly banners, which can be configured in various ways.

• The poems and photos of Formerly are designed to work together in a variety of forms and environments. For display, a set of long, scroll-like banners was created – an informal format ensuring easy installation and good legibility wherever poetry occurs, from cafes to museums. In order to echo the transient, commercial nature of the subjects featured, they were colourfully printed on vinyl by a fabricator of temporary advertising material. To date, they have been exhibited in London at the Poetry Society in Covent Garden and the Saison Poetry Library at the Royal Festival Hall. They are shown individually above, and in situ below.
• See a short video of the exhibition here


Formerly banners at The Poetry Café, The Poetry Society, London WC2, 18 Jun-14 Jul 2012.


Formerly banners at the Saison Poetry Library, Southbank Centre, London SE1, 11 Dec 2012-3 Feb 2013.

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Above: a slideshow of the Formerly banners – click to view them all in order.