Review: Pam Johnson, Words Unlimited

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Extracts from a review by Pam Johnson, Words Unlimited, 19 Dec 2012

• Below are some extracts from Honouring Dust, a review of Formerly by novelist and academic Pam Johnson, from her literary blog Words Unlimited. In it she discusses both the book and the exhibition, informed by background interviews with the authors.
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“… Since launching the book earlier this year, Yoseloff and MacDonald have revisited each of the locations to collect found objects … Some of the buildings have disappeared. In place of The Rose pub there is now a car wash.”

 “… Tamar Yoseloff had long admired MacDonald’s photographs, ‘like good poems, they focus on the minute but important details.’ … MacDonald noticed that Yoseloff tended to respond to images that included text and sought more of those out for her to view.”

“… Her sonnets don’t obey all the rules, but as Don Paterson says in his 101 Sonnets, the basic requirement for the modern sonnet is those fourteen lines.”

 “… the effect is cumulative as words and phrases are repeated in changing contexts. The tone ranges from elegiac, such as in Formerly, to a kind of resilient bravado in Quickie Heel Bar. Poems and pictures work together to build atmosphere, character and history.”