Review: Thomas Ovans, London Grip

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Extracts from a review by Thomas Ovans, London Grip, Summer 2012

• Below are some extracts from a long review by writer and poet Thomas Ovans in the Summer 2012 issue of international online cultural magazine, London Grip. His curiosity about what lay behind the images and locations was one of the factors that encouraged the authors to pursue the project’s psychogeographical aspects further: revisiting all the sites to make field notes, and producing a map and guide.
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“… there are times when I wished I could have more back-story. What business used to be carried on in Capacity House? Who fastened those half-finished pencil sketches to a sheet of plywood?”

“… These pictures, sometimes taken from unexpected angles, have surely been carefully framed and cropped to focus our interest upon the tones and textures of weathered brick and warped woodwork – and upon the human activities of which these are the last memorials.”

“… the image beside a poem can act like a window onto the poet’s mind, showing that this word-image was borrowed from reality whereas that one probably arose after imagination and association had begun to leave the original picture behind.”

“… Yoseloff has an ear for everyday words and phrases which resonate when they bang against one another … the book has an energy which is very appealing, being pleasing to the outward eye and the inward ear … retains the capacity to amuse and impress on the second and subsequent visits.”