Sonnet 12: Whitechapel

DPS blur 12 Whitechapel

“The world is square, like the map / that shows us where we are: I am here. / You are somewhere else.”

• Tamar Yoseloff on Whitechapel: “This is the only picture that contains a figure (albeit one not living, although  I do give her a voice). She reminds me of Cindy Sherman’s mock 50s black-and-white film stills, where she appears as the wide-eyed ingenue.  But the image (like so many in the book) also suggests imprisonment, a sense of being trapped.”

• Read a high resolution image of Whitechapel here
• The full sonnet sequence is published in Formerly, available here
• Listen to Tamar Yoseloff reading Whitechapel at the Poetry Library here