Sonnet 11: Sacred to the Memory

DPS blur 11 Sacred to the Memory

“. . . Even stone will turn to dust / when all around us is erased, and dust / remembers nothing, no eyes, no shapes.”

• Tamar Yoseloff on Sacred to the Memory: “This is a companion to Iron Urns, a further consideration of how in cities we live cheek by jowl with our dead. I was interested in exploring the language of epitaphs, the notion of what is sacred, and how pollution and time have wiped some of those inscriptions clean  (like those ghost signs): words vanish into air.”

• The full sonnet is published in Formerly, available here
Sacred to the Memory has also appeared in the online journal London Grip, summer 2012 edition
• Listen to Tamar Yoseloff reading Sacred to the Memory at the Poetry Library here