Sonnet 7: Quickie Heel Bar

DPS blur 07 Quickie Heel Bar

“I’ll make you ring a ding ding, no bull. / Ladies, get your coats, you’ve pulled.

• Tamar Yoseloff on Quickie Heel Bar: “The character sprung from the place name – a guy you might find prowling the nightclubs along the Old Kent Road, like Ray Winstone, or the young John Thaw. We kept encountering ‘quick’ London in our ramblings – Quicksilver casino, Kwik Fit auto – cheap, fast, throwaway, so the word returns later in the sequence.”

• Read a high resolution image of Quickie Heel Bar here
• The full sonnet sequence is published in Formerly, available here
• Listen to Tamar Yoseloff reading Quickie Heel Bar at the Poetry Library here