Photo 6: Duk of gton

Duk of Gton, then and now, dated grunge

Brune Street (back of 12 Toynbee Street), Spitalfields, London E1

• Vici MacDonald on the Duk   of          gton photo: “Slap at the edge of the City of London’s glitz, this boozer stands out as a rare survival of E1 shabbiness. So rare, that until I peeked into the mothbally interior, I took its sign for ironic trendiness. But no: the pub remains defiantly unreconstructed, later becoming Duk of Ton and now On. It seems to lose a letter a year.”

• See below for the map location, or visit the Formerly Google map here
• The full sonnet sequence is published in Formerly, available here
Map06 Duk of Gton grunge