Sonnet 5: X-Zalia Night Cure

DPS blur 05 X-Zalia Night Cure

“for cuts, wounds, bruises, scratches,  / burns or scalds, eczema, rashes”

• Tamar Yoseloff on X-Zalia Night Cure: “This is a ‘found’ poem, the text taken from the promotional ad for this miracle cure-all, circa 1904. It is a companion to Inch & Co – both ghost signs, ex-chemists. Many of the poems are about healing, or the attempt to heal, but this also parodies the paranoid list of possible ailments, and the overconfidence of the ad-speak voice.”

• The full sonnet is published in Formerly, available here
• Listen to Tamar Yoseloff reading X-Zalia Night Cure at the Poetry Library here