Sonnet 4: Inch & Co Cash Chemists

DPS blur 04 Inch & Co Cash Chemists

“The stench of hash met his nose, / cocaine-catch in his chest.”

• Tamar Yoseloff on Inch & Co Cash Chemists: “This is an Oulipo sonnet, inspired by the close music of the name, so I have allowed myself only those letters to construct words (with concessions for prepositions, and the ampersand spelled out). A character emerged who is on the fringes of society, a ghost to match the ghost sign, and a woman who is working for his redemption.”

• The full sonnet is published in Formerly, available here
Inch & Co Cash Chemists has also appeared in the poetry anthology Adventures in Form, edited by Tom Chilvers (Penned in the Margins, £9.99, ISBN 978-1-908058-01-0)
• Listen to Tamar Yoseloff reading Inch & Co Cash Chemists at the Poetry Library here

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