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About the limited edition poster

One of Formerly’s most striking pairings of image and sonnet, Whitechapel,  is also available as a wall poster, in a signed and limited edition of 50.


• Continuing Formerly’s theme of ephemerality, Whitechapel has been printed on tabloid newsprint by the acclaimed Newspaper Club, who enable artists and writers to publish projects using spare capacity on newspaper presses. The poster arrives folded newspaper fashion, as originally printed, with the name, edition number and signatures on the outside (above right). When unfolded, the other side reveals a large duotone image of Whitechapel’s shop dummy, with the poem inset at the bottom (above left).  The poster is shown with a closed and open book (also showing signatures) to give an idea of their relative sizes.

Usually £5, Whitechapel is available for just £2 if bought with Formerly. 

• Size: W 380 x H 580 mm
• Price: £5, or £2 with Formerly